How many people are working on the star trek spaceship?

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    8 years ago
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    his USS Enterprise (XCV 330) appears in Star Trek: The Motion Picture among a series of illustrations depicting ships named Enterprise. The 1979 Star Trek Spaceflight Chronology describes this "first interstellar liner" as a Declaration-class ship launched in 2123.[3] Its length is given as 300 metres (980 ft), and it has a capacity of 100 crew and 850 passengers.[3] The Star Trek Maps by New Eye Photography Editors, also published in


  • A real Star Trek space ship? I'm afraid it would have cardboard engines and exploding control panels. A lot of purely fictional science goes into Star Trek.

  • This is a TV category question. I know the answer though. On the original Enterprise, there were about 400 personnel. On the Next Generation Enterprise, about 1000.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    USS Voyager was launched with 141 crew on board in year 2371.

    Did you know that there were actual blueprints of the ship and there were no bathrooms in the cabins.

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