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How do I fix my messed up life? I feel like it's ruined?

I come from a nice family, the best family! My whole life though I've treated them with no respect, now I've left home me and my mum aren't that close at all. I have friends, but I don't trust a single one. I hurt my only true friend in an unforgivable manner and have lost her. I hate the apartment I'm staying in, I've had so many parties in it that its ruined and doesn't feel like my home. I can't sit alone myself, I always have to have company. I smoke pot every night, I'm spending about 80 pounds a week on it. I party far too much and take all sorts of drugs then feel depressed the rest of the time for doing it. I've slept around and have a reputation around my town. I can't keep a guy because of it. The only thing thats going good for me is my job, I have a good job which I love. Moving away isn't an option. I know what I have to do and that is stop doing all the bad things and get back on my feet but I just don't know how...! How can I fix my life?

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    Dermatologically, there are many matters that can be accomplished to delicate the appearnace of cystic acne as well because the scars that effect. When you have coverage, you could need to appear into accutane. This can be a perscription drug that probably clears up acne for just right and also you best take it for a cycle. You might also inquire about acid peels and laser therapies. Speak to your general practitioner and discover what is avialable. You must realize that you are young and that your hormones are going wild. Watch your food regimen and drink plenty of water and comply with a morning/night cleaning regamin (which you could ask your health care professional what's appropriate here as well). Dont believe that this has ruined your existence. It HAS now not. You'll get past this. Stay confident!

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    Linzi, good for you that you've waked up and are committed to making changes in your life! Merlin's ideas posted on here are very good ones, and I have some additional ones for you. First, you need to get clean from pot. That will mean you would need to go to detox. If you have a good job with medical benefits, go to your human resources department and tell them you need a medical leave of absence for a month. You don't have to tell them specificially what it's for--just say you have some medical problems that will require hospitalization and recovery time. Go through a detox program (about 20 days), knowing up front that it will be tough but you CAN do it. That will get your mind and body clean. Get under the care of a good therapist (they will have counselors at the detox facility) and figure out why you always need to have others around you instead of being able to be alone. If you can afford to pay for it, then it won't be on your insurance and no one will have to know anything. See about just moving to another apartment within your complex. That would feel like a new place to you. Change your activities. Instead of partying every night, go do some constructive things like volunteering at a soup kitchen or a children's hospital (the kids love to have stories read to them). You will be helping those who are much less fortunate than you, and you will find that those people will give you unconditional love and appreciation. Get a jar, and put the money you would have been spending on drugs into it. At the end of six months, you would have 480 pounds and at the end of a year, you would have 960 pounds in the jar. You could either reward yourself or keep on saving up until you had enough money to do something really special, like go on a cruise. You will also need to talk to two people--first, your mum. Tell her you know you've disappointed her, and that you're making changes in your life. You don't have to ask her to forgive you and "put things right"--just tell her what you're doing. After you've gone through detox and she sees for herself that you're changing, she will in all likelihood trust that you've actually done what you said and your relationship will be better. The other person is the friend you hurt. Tell her you're very sorry, and you're determined to turn your life around. Again, just tell her what you're doing. The evidence of your actions might make her want to be friends again, or not. As far as other acquaintances are concerned, you know you have to stay away from the people you do drugs with. If you're religious at all, the Christmas season is a good time to renew your faith and attend some services. Use prayers to help you ask God to get you through the detox and the time afterward. Don't be by yourself on Christmas Day--do the volunteer things, and it will get you through the loneliness. Make some new friends at work or at church. There are plenty of people out there who will be willing to help you if you help yourself.That's the key to fixing your life--be determined to reinvent yourself. When others see a " new you", they will tend to forget about or overlook the "old you". Go get some new clothes, get a new haircut nd some makeup, do the things Merlin and I have suggested, and resolve to have a different person occupy your body Good luck with all of this!

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    sit there

    and think

    really THINK

    dont you feel fantastic??

    you should

    instead of carrying on all the crap

    you have woken up

    and realized changes need making

    you could have carried on and sunk even further

    start with your mum

    mend bridges, make it up to her

    we mums are very forgiving you know

    and when you have mum on side, everything else will seem easier

    sort out where you live

    clean it up, lick of paint

    couple new accessories and it will feel different

    you love your job?

    can t you make new friends there and dump the others now

    you need to learn to love yourself, and be content by yourself

    you are on the brink of a new and exciting time

    enjoy it!

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    First is go back to your family which loves you and will help you!

    And i agree with Merlin

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