Should I move schools or hold out one more year?

I havent been the most popular person at school, since year 7 i have been bullied by the more popular people, and since the end of year 10 i have been bullied by my group of friends. Some days are actually really good and things are fine and people are nice, but then other days its the worst. Im in year 12 next year, and i think starting a new school and making new friends would be hard for year 12, but then i think i could be so much happier. I mean i get by okay, i cry a lot but i am sill okay. I have lots of nice friends at my work, so i think that is what is getting me through. part of me just wants to finish what i started and shoe my horrible friends that im stronger than running away, but then i think about how much better things could be, i might actually get invited to things for once. But im scared! I hate change, and im already scared about year 12, starting a new school is even worse, and i would hate to be the new kid that no one likes... what if things dont get better?

What should i do?


also the school i want to move to has 2 subjects that i really want to do which i cant do at my current school

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  • Jura
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    8 years ago
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    Change is a good thing, and one year is not too short a timespan to get to know new schoolmates. Give yourself a treat for your last year at high school and try something new. In the highly unlikely case that the people in your new school would be as bad as those in your old school, you would have to "hold out" for a year - something you'd have to do in your current school anyway, if you chose to stay. It's much more likely that you'll meet people who will treat you decently.

    I've had such a fresh start in my high school years too, leaving a school I was bullied in and going to a new one. It was one of the best things that happened to me in my teenage years. I did not become a very popular person in my new school either, but I was not bullied anymore and by the end of my first year there I had two good friends. It made me a more confident, at peace person.

    And changing schools is not running away. Throughout your life, you will meet people who don't like you and who treat you badly. You can't change them and you don't have to prove them anything - you're living your life for yourself after all, not for them. Besides, you've been at this school for years. Running away would be quitting after a month. But these kids had years to get to know you, and you had years to get to know them. You tried to make it work, but it didn't work out, and now it's time for you to leave them behind and move on to new, better things.

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