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How Do I Get A Nice Tan?

I know tans are dangerous, but I'm not going to go crazy about it. My skin is SO pale. I just want to make it a little more darker. Oh, and I know it winter now, I was just wondering for the summer (: Thanks xoxo

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    I know someone who goes to a tanningbed once a week, I'm sure if u did this for a long time there would be bad effects, but if you did it once a week for maybe a month or two it would be fine. If u did this, it would give u a bit of color. After doing that u could use a good brand of self tannerwithout going orange :) there's tanning lotions, gels and foams. Gels are hardest to use because they soak in quickly so I would get a tanning lotion. I use sunthera3 which is a drugstore brand, I also hear that loreal tanners are good. But you should look up reviews yourself to find what would suit you best :)

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    sorry i dont known

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