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Did gladiators have women troubles?

Or did they get to f''ck anyone at anytime like in the spartacus tv shows

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    What is up with all your questions about girls??

  • CSE
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    8 years ago

    It depended on what type of gladiator they were.

    Some were slaves, like the Spartacus show, while others had entered on their own accord. The more successful gladiators were celebrities at that time, like the modern day sports stars. They would definitely have not had women troubles, but the low slaves most likely would have. They wouldn't have had the money, station, or freedom to pursue women.

    The slaves weren't exactly "gladiators" though. They were more like fodder.

  • 8 years ago

    Gladiators were human beings in real life.

    They engaged in sexual orgiastic pleasures as shown in the ' Spartcus ' tv shows.

    Part and parcel of the reward system that their masters provide them.

  • Ken
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    8 years ago

    Sure.Most were married too

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