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Does anyone know if the "iPhone 5" is really a whole lot different and/or better than my iPhone 3G?

I've heard from all angles that the iPhone 5 isn't as great as the commercials say they are. And that there are very few changes. But, i did hear that it has a whole lot less bugs in them. My iPhone 3G (and whoever also has a smart iPhone as well), works just like my computer (which is a good computer), where as I don't even need a disc drive because everything you want is now just about down loadible. Thus, they say that the "iPhone 5" is one that you don't have to jailbreak. I need your opinions about the iPhone 5 before I might purchase it. Thanks, M

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    The iPhone 5 is much better than the 3G.

    4G capable vs no 4G

    thinner, lighter

    much higher resolution display

    better storage options

    much more RAM

    better & faster wifi options

    better & faster bluetooth options

    720p HD front facing camera for video, 1.2 MP for pics

    1080p HD rear facing camera for video, 8MP for pics

    able to run iOS 6

    much faster processor

    much better graphics

    more precise sensors

    better GPS support


    Noise cancellation


    Twitter & Facebook built in


    much better battery life

    louder speakers

    Honestly it shouldn't even be a question if the iPhone 5 is better than the iPhone 3G. Its pretty obvious.

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    8 years ago

    Hell yeah, its way better than the old iPhone 3G

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