Who would you have traded if you were OKC?Westbrook or Harden?

Who has the bigger impact in the game?


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    I would've traded Harden still if given a choice. Russell is still the more dynamic player, and great scorer.(even though I don't think OKC needs him to score as much as he does). I will say though that Harden is sorely missed in OKC. I don't get why they didn't try harder to keep him. He was the energy player off of the bench when the Thunder needed a boost. That team made it to the WCF's and then the NBA Finals in a 2 year span. It was dumb to trade Harden no matter what they got in return. This is the same thing Cuban pulled in Dallas. It is very risky, and it probably ruined both of these teams' chemistry. Chemistry takes forever to get, but it is essential. The heat didn't have chemistry that first season they came together, at the very start. It took time and chemistry building. A team loaded with superstars can always be beaten by a team with great chemistry. Example: '05 Pistons & Lakers. The Lakers had 4 hall of famers on it. They got KILLED, by the Pistons team play. Look at the Spurs. San Antonio is one of the most successful teams of this decade, and they are the ONLY team that has their core still intact. I for one don't think that is just a coincidence.

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  • Moe
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    8 years ago

    Harden. Even though Westbrook is a shot jaker, he doesn't choke.

  • 8 years ago

    If it were me, i would've traded westbrook! Sometimes he plays out of control and takes bad shots, then gets mad when they don't go in! Kinda like a black version of Jeremy Lin.

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  • 8 years ago

    i would say Harden

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