What u.s. Provider supports this frequency?

gsm 800, 1900 Mhz...

The phone i'll buy supports those frequency..

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    8 years ago
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    I've found following used network standards in the USA:

    AMPS, 800 MHz (analog)

    CDMA, 800 MHz (digital)

    CDMA, 1900 MHz (digital)

    GSM, 1900 MHz (digital)

    TDMA, 800 MHz (digital)

    TDMA, 1900 MHz (digital)

    Here is a list:http://reviews.ebay.com/List-of-GSM-and-CDMA-Netwo...

    Many providers use at least three of these network standards, which means, that you should have a trimode mobile to get the most from the available network.That's all you need!!!

  • 8 years ago

    US GSM carriers (AT&T, T-Mobile) support 850 and 1900 Mhz for normal phone, text and 2G network use. 3G and 4G freqiencies are different, and may not be available for a phone purchased outside the US.

    If you get a tri-band of quad-band "world" phone, you should be okay for general use.

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