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What is the phenotypes and genotypes (with ratios) of the F1 and F2.?

1a) The checkered pattern of pigeons is controlled by a dominant gene P; plain color is determined by the recessive allele p. Red color is controlled by a dominant gene B and brown color by the recessive allele b. A homozygous checkered red bird is crossed with a plain brown bird. What is the phenotypes and genotypes (with ratios) of the F1 and F2.

F1 Genotype:

F1 Phenotype:

F2 Genotypes and Ratios:

F2 Phenotypes and Ratios:

1b) If the F1 in the cross above is backcrossed to the homozygous plain brown parent what will be the phenotypic and genotypic ratios resulting from this cross.

Genotypes and Ratios:

Phenotypes and Ratios:

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    The first cross is PPBB x ppbb → a 1x1 Punnett square = all PpBb

    The second cross is PpBb x ppbb → a 4x1 Punnett square

    The rest is easy to do...

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    The phenotype relies upon on the gene you're coping with. shall we are saying C is for brown hair, and c is for blonde hair. Your genotypes could be Cc for the 1st technology. because C is dominant to c, each and every of the offspring could have brown hair.None of them have blonde hair so your ratio is a million:0. in case you may teach your paintings, make a Punnett sq.. For F2 technology, bypass Cc x Cs.

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