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Does MS have a lot to do with joint pain?

I have had multiple sclerosis since I have been 13 years old and am now 22 years old. I have gone from having the whole entire back of my body be completely numb (which was how I was diagnosed) to actually becoming legally blind). Thankfully everything has come back to normal except my full 20/20 vision.

Since I have been thirteen I have done a TON of research on multiple sclerosis and know quite a bit about it including ALL possible medications, contraindications, how often they are taken, and other important information. I havent researched anything in a few years and am updated on everything from my continous doctor visits (whom specializes and studies multiple sclerosis).

I am in nursing school and just recently had to tak a medical leave due to one of many relapses. These past few months I have just miraculously aquired terrible knee and elbow joint pain that have been preventing me from being able to sleep more than 2 to 3 hours a night before I have to get up for work.

I have never had an issue with this before to where I was unable to sleep from this. I also have been told that it was probably because of my MS but I did not believe anyone who had told me this.

Because the pain had become almost intolerable, I googled this question and could not find an answer from a source that was a reliable source that I could go off of or from other people that had MS with the same problem. I have tried NSAIDS, vicodin, and also glucosamine. The glucosamine seems to work the best for me because the vicodin makes me loopy which makes it to where I can only take it at night.

Im just wondering if anyone else has this problem with MS, if this is a normal occurence with MS and i have just never heard of it, i would love to know possible medications that work for this if it is related to MS (prescription and non-prescription medications), and any other related information towards this topic.

Oh and an answer that pertains to "see your physician" isnt exactly what I am looking for because I will def. see my doctor before I make any decisions about any of this. I am just trying to research this and am not finding any useful information and am just very curious about all of this before I even make my appointment with my doctor. Any info about this would be awesome.

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    I don't know, but wow, Im impressed by your thirst for knowledge in order to gain a better understanding of your condition.

    My very humble thoughts are that there are still a lot of unknowns about MS. My mum has had it for about 20-25 years (she is in her mid-50's mind you) and it takes its toll on her in unusual ways. There is still a lot the medical system doesnt know about it so it makes up stuff to suit.

    I think you are the best expert of your own life and by the sounds of it you are possibly insightful enough to know yourself what the answer is here without a doctors opinion.

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    I imply fibromyalgia and RA have an impact on individuals of all a while. If that's whats unsuitable with you you don't relatively have other options. They are treatable ailments though. I've JRA and that i live a absolutely normal life. If your doctor thinks that is whats wrong with you you should as a rule get tested for it although to me it would not sound like arthritis. The signs are joint agony swelling and stiffness of joints and it interferes along with your life a lot more than what you are describing so long as its untreated. Slight to reasonable affliction is something that a number of people need to be taught to are living with. If its particularly interfering together with your life and you real consider there's whatever unsuitable with you all you are able to do is see a doctor and take a look at to find a diagnosis.

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