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Why America creating propaganda?

American government creating propaganda against all the Muslims creating wars for their own corporation’s benefits killing thousands of innocent people just to make more money even not for himself but for jews foundations what is the definition of terrorism any way. Whenever America need any war he create a incident just to enter in the war and make a huge amount of profit for example pearl harbor and 9/11 all inside job. When I ask the people, if bin laden is dead what America is doing in Afghanistan still some says to fight against Taliban. Taliban to whom America said a freedom and helped them financially when they were fighting against Russia.

Which of this organization has done the most terrorist attack till now.

Shining Path (SL)

Libration of tiger of Tamil


Irish republican Army

National liberation army of Colombia

Kurdish workers party


M19 Movement of April

People Liberation front (JVP)

Al Qaeda

Al Fateh

if u gone chose Taliban or Al Qaida then u are just a sheep who has trained by none other than a media of Zionist.

The Irish republican army forces (IRA) has done so many terrorist attacks that will put Al Qaida to shame then why you just have one organization in your mind for deception and killing 100 of thousands innocent Muslims in the name of peace and then also no Sympathy still you people hating us why ?

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    Bush says.. "They hate us because of our freedom.."

    Bullsh*t.. they hate us because we won't let them have any freedom. We constantly overthrow elected officials in the middle east such as Iran in the 50's.. and throw in some tyrant who promises to give us what we want. Saddam was the United States golden boy until his usefullness expired..

  • I mostly agree...

    They create the propaganda to promote their culture of fear... It is necessary for them to keep us in fear so they can take all of our rights in the name of "security"... TSA has never caught one "terrorist", yet we allow them to grope us and even our young children in public, all to keep us safe from the "Muslim extremists" or "Terrorist"...

    And what is a "terrorist" anyway? Nothing more than a murder and/or criminal, and they should be viewed as such... But give a criminal a scary title like "terrorist", and suddenly the public becomes convinced that the Boogie-Man is out to get them...

    Furthermore, Americans have lost their sense of morality... Our military is routinely dispatched to fight unjust and immoral wars, but in this society of Jersey Shore and American Idol, nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care...

    The Middle-East and the USA are both being conquered by the new world order, just in different ways...

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    Islam since 700 AD is the greatest terror machine in the history of the world. They attacked our shipping over 200 years ago because they were pirates even then.

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    Some people talk all day and still have nothing to say.

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