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was this man uncomfortable because we were alone in a room together?

So I went in to see a the main lecturer for this subject at my university. I'm not sure why but he was flustered. I was just staring at his photos(thinking his kids are beautiful) and around his office(because I always tend to do that). He was searching for the correct info I required.

I did not think I was being seductive or anything. Wearing a pink/white blouse and maybe a skirt(can't remember) with leggings.

He asked me 'what I was doing' suddenly when I was looking around like I was doing something I should not. He seemed really jumpy and nervous.

I think I was giving off some kind of sexual vibe or there was some sexual energy in the room and he was afraid that he'd cheat on his wife. Or was I imagining it.

OF Course I was absolutely clueless of anything at that time-I'm innocent like that. Now I feel guilty for making him feel bad.

Actually I did think he was good-looking, albeit much older(maybe 40s or 50s) than me. but that was it. I did not have a crush on him.


are you kidding me? you're gonna vilify me because I was unaware and had no intention of ever sleeping with someone who's my academic professor?

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    my guess is, he is that type of guy that is great with many people, not so good one on one.

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    He knows what has happened to other innocent men who have had their lives destroyed by LYING females. You are probably one of those females. If he had audio/video coverage I bet he would not have been quite so nervous but he wants to protect his family from the likes of you. These days you won't ever find a lecturer who closes his door when a female is in there with him. Females are such Liars and Hypocrites, it's just not safe.

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