Used car salesman scam?

My Son bought a used car from a local car lot. He gave the salesman the down payment and in turn was given a 30 day tag and temporary registration. After the 30 days he called the salesman about his tags, and the salesman said I can't give you your tags until you pay for them. The guy wanted my son to give him $264.00 which was already paid for as stated on the temporary registration form. After hearing what this salesman was trying to do I contacted the NC DMV, who told us to contact our local fraud investigation unit over used car dealers. Meanwhile DMV contacted the salesman and he then called my son to give him his tags. This guy was trying to take advantage of a young kid, and I'm sure it wasn't his first time using this tactic. I'd like to know if my son has legal recourse to sue this company for fraud and deceptive practices.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Your son has already been "made whole" by the dealer. There is nothing to sue for moving forward. Your case would be over in less than 5 minutes.

  • 4 years ago

    sorry ace this is not any bait and turn. this is impossible to try this once you sign the settlement all you may do is stick to the regulations of the settlement. So except you verify to tear it up and make a sparkling one for a diverse vehicle the broker has to do what's on your settlement now. And so which you don't get puzzled back overthink your self permit me tell you what a bait and turn is. A bait and turn is once you spot an advert interior the paper for a stereo and you get to the save and that they have the single interior the advert yet they talk you out of identifying to purchase for that one and verify out to sell you some thing lots larger priced. this is a bait and turn. It seldom works on vehicles simply by fact all they could say is the vehicle became bought. And the choice to look at yet another vehicle on the lot is yours. That settlement is a few thing that the two events could desire to stick to. and since the vehicle gets registered on your call too as long as you meet the words of the settlement your good to bypass. What you may desire to observe out for in a settlement with all and sundry are sparkling places the place the interest fee is or the down fee or the excellent cost. A slick salesman can get human beings to sign first and then bypass interior the back room and fill of their very own cost and sell a vehicle for 2 times what its nicely worth. And if the guy would not do it the vehicle then gets repossessed. So pay interest to each ingredient in a settlement this is the place they get you without lube.

  • 8 years ago

    You can try to sue but you have no case. Your son was not harmed, he was not taken advantage of, he is not out any money. He cannot prove damages and no court will even hear this case let alone rule on it.

    You cannot sue someone because they TRIED to harm you or deceive you.

    You are much better off becoming an advocate for anti fraud business. Get involved in your local community educating people on how to spot fraud. Kids get scammed because parents don't know anything about these types of practices. Now, you do. So educate parents on how to teach their kids not to get ripped off. Find out how you can support that fraud investigation unit.

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