What are some good android tablets?

Preferably a 7"

I dont want a crappy brand that doesnt have true android market or no flash player

So can anyone tell me some good ones?

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  • Flo
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    8 years ago
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    I think Xperia tablet S is a good tablet but it's not 7" it's 9.4". It is completely different tablet from tablet S it is actually the next gen of tablet s. It has many unique features like it's design which makes it comfortable to hold in hand and runs android. Xperia tablet S is a tablet designed primarily for a living room experience. It supports more than one account with parental control options. Being splashproof helps it be a good device while cocking and checking recipes. The other feature is being playstation certified which means you can download and play some new and some original playstation 2 games. You can also use it as a remote for your TV(I'm not sure if it works with other manufacturers TVs). The CPU is quad core 1.3 GH and it has 1GB of ram. You can choose between 16/32/64 GB version it also supports micro SD. 8MP rear camera and 1MP front camera. There are both 3G and non 3G versions. You can buy its keyboard. One of the disadvantages is not so good outdoor display performance. you can find more information about this tablet on http://gsmarena.com/sony_xperia_tablet_s_3g-4993.p...

  • 4 years ago

    DEFINATELY pass with the android clever telephone!!!!! I somewhat have one now and am upgrading quickly and that i like them. Their are merely infinite opportunities to android. i like apple products yet i won't be able to stand the iPhone merely because of the fact it is so constrained in contrast to android. i could say get android telephone and an apple pill, or in case you am i able to could somewhat pass with android telephone and android pill merely cuz it is that mind-blowing! The htc sensation 4g is popping out quickly for tmobile, you will desire to look into that. it is going to be an outstanding telephone!!!

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