how much a student can earn in Italy? And what will be cost of living?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Foreign students are always severely restricted or outright barred from working while on a student visa. If allowed to work at all, and if you can find any sort of job near campus as a foreign student, you will ONLY earn enough for incidental expenses. You will still need to prove you have all of your school + living expenses, plus return transportation to your country of citizenship, to apply for the student visa.

    Jobs for students are very hotly contested most places. Citizens, of course, have great advantages for employers, and so are far more likely to find work. Citizens have no restrictions on their working hours, know the country-culture-language-customers, & often have experience from summer jobs, etc. Jobs are very scarce! Unemployment rate in US for age 16-24 is over 50%, and that's pretty typical throughout Europe, UK, etc, too. Your chances of finding any sort of work are poor to nil as a foreign student.

    If you lucked out and found some work, hours & pay are minimal. You might be able to afford transportation and proper clothing for work, perhaps some incidentals such as toiletries and personal items. No way you can earn enough to pay room & board in the dorm, or one of your utility bills if you rent an apartment. You might be able to buy an extra textbook or two, but not all your books & supplies for the semester (but then how are you going to pay transportation to work, or laundry, or - or - or. . . ?)

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