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This may sound weird but i was wondering how to squrt more sperm and for it to go far?

Please answer i realy want to know

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    Try edging...It's where you masturbate til you almost shoot, then stop...Do this a few times (but avoid blue balling), and then after 3 or 4 times, just keep going and actually finish...You'er welcome haha! It can be intense, just sayin. Email me if you have any other questions about this or anything else, I'll try to help any way I can. Its on my profile.

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  • andy t
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    To improve the force of your ejaculation you can try feeling under your body. Just behind your testicles and before your anus, so right underneath and press there when you are about to ejaculate and it should press over your prostate and improve your ejaculation force.

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