I'm a beginner, I just bought a yamaha fg700s and was wondering how to learn, just look at videos on YouTube, or go get lessons??

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  • 8 years ago
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    Hi Jake,

    I used to have my own guitar shop for about 30 years where I taught private students and sold guitars for a living. There is no substitute for being able to take guitar lessons from an excellent teacher for the simple reason that you get to ask questions about particular things that you don't understand. Everyone perceives what they are being taught a little bit differently and an explanation that was clear to one person may be confusing to you.

    That being said, I teach a free monthly guitar lesson that you can sign up for at the link below where you will be taught how to learn and assimilate information on the guitar, basic to advanced concepts of harmony and theory, as well as specific songs for you to learn and play. There's also a list of 19 essential guitar technique tips that you can immediately print out and learn. Hope this helps!


    Steven Herron

    Peabody Conservatory Trained Guitarist

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    8 years ago

    look dude your over complicating this. teach it yourself. i did it. it took me a few months to learn the basic chords from a tone of youtube searching and it's possible to teach yourself but it takes a lot of hard work. you need to be willing to stay up late at night practicing and get settled and comfortable with your guitar. just go out and learn, use the internet as an advantage. get what you can have most from it and then once you CAN'T find lessons on songs that you enjoy sign up for lessons at a near by music store where you live. but make sure you like the guitar teacher, i made a mistake by signing up for a teacher that was tone deff -_- he would tab things out for me but it would take me a day or two to actually teach it my self because i honestly don't know how to read tabs lol...i'm advanced now and i'm better than one of my friends that started 2 years ago, and i have only been playing for 8 months xD

  • 8 years ago

    I would say you can learn to play guitar by watching YouTube Videos. Getting lesson will not help you to learn fast. All you have to do is a lot of practice. Practice makes you perfect.

  • 8 years ago

    Why not try youtube first have nothing to lose

    if Its not helping the do the lessons

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