I want to move out at 18? PLEASE ANSWER!?

So right now i'm 15, and for reasons that are way too time consuming to read, I need to move out at 18 (family issues). I wish that I could stay home until I finish uni, but I can't.

I plan on being a vet, so the veterinary school is about 8 years. I plan on getting a part time job to support myself, which I know will be hard, but I have complete confidence in myself that I will cope.

A few questions;

- Do I need to save money? How much?

- Did you move out at 18, or relatively young? How did you cope? was it really hard?

- Should I organise with a friend to be roomies?

- Any other things I should know/plan for etc?

THANKYOU! I'd really appreciate if you would answer all of the questions/some..whatever 2cents you have i'm open for :)))


I live in Sydney Australia btw :)

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  • 8 years ago
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    Moving out to go to university is the perfect time to go. Many unis have halls providing student accomodation, which is much cheaper than private rentals and generally have all bills etc included. Many students after the first year rent shared houses together, which again is a more affordable way to live on a budget.

    I'd imagine you may also need to get a student loan to pay for tuition fees, books etc (unless your parents are paying?)

    Ideally - save as much as you can. You'll need money for deposits (eg for renting accomodation), for emergencies, for everyday living....

  • 8 years ago

    - You definitely need to save money. And a lot of it. I would go ahead and start saving.

    - Many people find it hard to leave at a young age, but you will have plenty of great experiences on your own.

    - It would be a lot easier to be roomies with a friend. You would have extra help and some one to share the experience with.

    - Be prepared to struggle with money a bit but other than that I don't think you need to know anything else.

    Good luck(:

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Save money, save money and save money. Good luck !

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