Girlfriend is ignoring me??? help please!?

I've been quite annoyed at her lately. I've been working odd hours this week, like from 10am to 11pm, continuosuly for 4 days.

I had a day off 2 days ago and we were texting but she fell asleep half way, so i didn't really mind. I tried talking to her yesterday too, but she didn't like want to talk to me, and took really long to reply to anything?

I'll be leaving for a couple of days in less than 12 hours, and i asked her to dinner today before i left, but she didn't reply to the text at all and i got mad and called her and told her don't bother since she didn't really care about it.

She hasn't called back or texted me??? What should i do??

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Sounds like someone is losing interest. I'd leave town, ignore her until she contacts you again (if she does).

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