horror costume with lace dress?

so my school social (dance) is horror themed. i got a creamy white lace dress with lace sleves and a hem that goes to about my knee for $7 that i thought could be a good base for my costume. any ideas of what i could be? along with what to add to the dress, makeup ideas? thanks xx

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  • Girlie
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    8 years ago
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    hi, you may go as a bloody ghost victim or a ghost bride. pls check the following url links (first six are shortened url links which you need to copy and paste in your browser since these are blogger-based photos which yahoo wont allow for posting) for ideas on costume, make up and hair:

    - bit.ly/TuAroL

    - bit.ly/V3QDvr

    - bit.ly/TsIcs8

    - bit.ly/111CpQ2

    - bit.ly/VfT81E

    - bit.ly/WwxG3H

    - http://costumesnthings.com.au/shop/images/A1045.jp...

    - http://www.kidshalloweencostumes4u.com/pimages/lar...

  • 8 years ago

    Zombie bride? Very pale makeup

  • 8 years ago

    a sort of miss havisham type character ie a bride frozen in time, old hairstyle/makeup, dried flowers, dusty clothes ect.

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