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Do you think feminism encourages women to be selfish?

it only says women are important, and talks about womens rights. Often at the expense of any body elses - and often at the expense of women being responsible. what is that ?


feminist answerers on here seem to often give very selfish sounding answers. like nothing is a problem as long as they can get what they want. its definitely the.. feeling I get from alot of their answers.

Update 2:

Neha - I bet youre a really unpleasant person in real life. you actually inspired this question.

Update 3:

Diva - youre just proving my point. we need a mens rights movement to counter feminism - feminism actively hates men. and actively hates families. and actively hates and denigrates mens rights.

MRA's are just defending themselves against what is quite frankly, a torrent of abuse and spite that is currently being thrown at men everywhere today. I mean listen to yourself, or read some of the answers you post on here everyday.

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    8 years ago
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    You know, after all the ignorant §h!t that I have heard some of the feminists say, I almost want to go and get a sex change, almost.

    Yes. I find some of it that preposterous.

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  • mrcead
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    8 years ago

    Because feminism is supposedly the balance of male chauvinism. It is the extreme in the opposite direction. Like left wing vs right wing politics. We all know that meeting in the middle or close to it is best for everyone.

    Feminism accomplished much but also added more problems than what it accomplished. It hurts the beta males more so than the alphas to whom their ire is truly directed (alphas simply dump it onto the betas to deal with).

    So the men at the top who really have all of the power feminists want, take the opportunity from the betas and give it to the feminists to symbolize a "win" and get them off their backs - they make money either way and the feminists are still in a beta position with the alphas on top. The feminists are essentially battling and beating the betas who don't have any power whatsoever.

    Classic alpha male fake out - divide and conquer. I wish people could see that.

    How many powerful alphas has anyone seen, spoke to or met in person?

    How many females are Oil moguls, Weapons baronesses, Political Juggernauts, Manufacturing Goddesses, Generals or Supreme Bankers?

    How many want to be? See where I'm going with this? A woman who will rob from her brother is selfish. Not saying the reverse isn't true or doesn't happen but let's call a pot a pot okay?

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    Feminists work, they pay their bills... If they have kids, they take jobs where hours are more flexible, and they give up benefits... Then, they come home and they take care of the children and the house, while men only work their job, mow the lawn [once a week...MAYBE] and sit on their bum watching football, wrestling, or some other mindless entertainment...

    I don't know what "abuse" you're talking about, but maybe you should come out from behind your computer and see what it is that women do...

    Just this morning on the news, there's going to be a vigile for a woman and her children that were murdered by her estranged husband...and those vigils happen on a regular basis!

    So, our "punishment" for being able to support ourselves is "death"? Dream on...

  • 8 years ago

    Feminism has a lot of qualities and drawbacks as it is always a surprise to find people who get radical about their viewpoints or even worse to find men who get too touchy and defend themselves getting angry and mindless about their own challenges. I think feminism can be helpful despite being an old age type o movement as long as it does not create new boundaries between men and women.

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  • X
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    8 years ago

    Well it doesn't take a genius to figure that out, does it? Clearly they want equality, which means gaining rights for themselves to "catch up", which is in many ways "selfish".

    The real issues which you have failed to talk about the importance of are:

    1) What's wrong with putting yourself first sometimes, especially after an entire history of being put second?

    2) As if MRA's are any different? How are you ANY less selfish than feminists? YOU only focus on rights and only men's rights. How can you seriously not see that contradiction? Is everyone blind but me? Seriously.

  • neale
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    4 years ago

    a million. women are no longer *compelled* to % between their careers and their families. no person is conserving a gun on your head, after all. we commonly experience that way by way of fact we could prefer to do the two, yet there are no longer sufficient hours interior the day. which potential we could desire to make priorties for ourselves. we commonly % family members over occupation...yet that's our selection. 2. adult adult males are inspired to spend extra time with their families. a minimum of, the place I stay/artwork. mom and dad frequently are continually being admonished to spend extra high quality time with the youngsters, to be extra in contact with their practise, and so on. 3. women don't have fewer possibilities for self-fullfillment. the place did you get that concept? purely by way of fact you do no longer understand the thank you to capitalize on your possibilities does no longer recommend they do no longer exist. Having a occupation isn't the only (or perhaps suited, imo) course to self-fullfillment. 4. suited to who? Why do you care in the experience that your "selfishness" is acceptable to the the remainder of the international? you do no longer prefer the international to validate you, and as long as you nevertheless look for approval from society, you will proceed to experience which you're at a downside.

  • 8 years ago

    Everyone can be selfish, it's human nature because we want to thrive. I don't know much in depth about feminist ideas, but maybe they are fueled by the feeling that they must fight to survive...or something like that.

    No one has rights over anyone, so being unfair to another group IS selfish.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago


    I think what encourages everyones selfishness nowadays is marketing/media/consumerism. In most 1st and 2nd world countries advertising and propaganda (for product) are pushed so rapid most people don't realize how much they are influenced by it all. Its a trickle effect. Pushed by sellers to media consultants who are enthralled in a world of image, technology, convenience, success. Represented by media consultants who are thrilled to have the convenience, or to sport the newest technology, or fad/fashion, or be enlightened by the newest philosophy in the newest book promoting enlightenment thru acts or purchase rather then knowledge. Everybody buys like hotcakes once its in the hands of all them.

    Its not feminism.

    Maybe some feminist books have inadvertently given self entitlement mentality in some cases.

    But in general consumerism and false enlightened ideology people buy into is the root of selfishness.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    feminism encourages women to take on too much responsibility and multitask which can be either negative or positive depending on the woman's situation.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Some feminists are sexist against men, but most feminists want equality

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