Should I see if it works with my ex ... or move on?

So long story and if you read it all ... thanks and I hope you can give me advice.

My wife left me and the kids, took the only car too (she says she didnt leave the kids, just me) around 2 months ago. Iv been here for the kids the whole time. She will visit at times and ... at times she will make up an excuse.

Its been HELL the past 2 months, if anyone who has been through a break up and the spouse plays mind games and bs then you will know what im going through. Emotional roller coaster! IT SUCKS! Listen to Space bound by Eminem... its exactly how Iv been feeling.

Anyways ... 3-4 days ago my wife called me. She needed with with the car cause it wouldnt start. So I tried to help her, give her advice over the phone, just being nice. I ignored my wife the next day when she tried to get ahold of me. I couldnt talk to her, after finding out she cheated on me with another female and the stupid bs attitude she gave me while I was trying to help her? No way!

So ... next day she came over and was looking for something, I let her look. She noticed that I didnt pay much attention to her. She teared up and started writing on a piece of paper. "I kept this rose as a remembrance of our love, I held on to it. I think you should have it". We got it when we were first married. Well ... next day She first tried to contact me around 3pm then 7pm then 8pm then 11pm then 3am. She was kind of freaking out at this time, blowing up my phone! So I texted her saying "our son and I are trying to sleep.", She says "Hunny im sorry please pick up the phone". for once since shes been gone she says hunny and being all sweet! But around her friends, im the bad guy and shes the good guy. She the next day asked if her next day she can see the kids as a turkey day dinner. I took the kids to my brothers inlaws and had it there. Had a blast! Came home to an empty house and depressed. So Sunday comes and she has no ride to the house. She doesnt call or text me back and tells me she never got it till the next day. The next day (last monday) she texted me and said "We need to talk if thats ok" I said YES! I wanted to so bad! So i got my brothers car and picked her up from a place she was sitting. I felt bad ... Shes help paying for an apartment shes not living in. But she put herself in the bed she made. I took her out to Burger King and fed her. But the meds shes on she cant keep much down. We had a GREAT talk. I never told her about this WONDERFUL women I have met in Grand Junction Colorado. Only 4hrs away from where I live now. So ... I told her im moving to Grand Junction and taking the kids. I never took the kids from her, Never left,never said "no you cant see them" in fact I encouraged her to come see them! Its sad but true! Her friends run her life and she doesnt even see or know it. After the talk she said it was ok to take the kids if it was going to better there lives. And it will ...

I told her we will make arrangements so she can see the kids ever weekend or every other weekend. Maybe take them if I can trust her to bring them back and not take them and run off. I cant leave the kids with her, she cant afford the apartment and a baby sitter. She can barley handle herself and friends! I dont know what I want to do. I stopped where she was staying and I gave her a note with the same rose she gave me. I said "You need it more than I do, because I never stopped loving you." So I kissed her and she kissed me back.... we hugged and she told me in a text "Slade, thank you for loving me like you do. I dont deserve it." I told her I will always love her. But ... the question has ran across my mind a million times... should I move on or keep trying to make this work? I like this girl in Grand Junction ... but my wife, oh my how I love her but I feel she will never come home. At times I feel she will and at times she shows she wont.. Im so confused. I cant deal with it. I need some kind of advise or help understanding. I know you cant make the decision for me but ... I need some kind of help... im 24 shes 21. Thank you guys for reading this. Any advise is great. THank you.


I tried helping her on the phone with the car, but every time I told her to do something, she had an attitude. Pissed me off! I wanted to ask her why she even called if she isnt going to listen and just do as I say instead of the attitude! ....

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    8 years ago
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    I'd say leave not once has she tryed stopping you. She cheatef once again cheat always a cheat yr just keep hurting if you go back with her constently asking were she is what's she doing your be unhappy who bitches to mates that yr both friends with move be happy give this girl and go your wife don't desurve you she gave you rose back that says I DON'T love you I brake all my vowels to you . Make a better life she don't deserve you! Gl xx

  • 8 years ago

    A short answer to your long written problem between you and your wife. It is inevitable that you would not be able to go on without your wife and this is well understood by her too. This is the reason why she is throwing tantrums. Just ignore her for a while, she would return to you. Once she returns, let Love play the major role in your lives and then you would see rainbows shining in your lives ever. Women are to be treated like roses - Gentle with Care.

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    8 years ago

    Hello Gone fishing i am really sorry for everything that you're going through with your wife, but since you guys have children its best to do what's best for them. if their mother can't take of herself and her friends run her life, i think it's best if you keep up with the kids, as for her playing mind games, that is just bullcrap, and a sign that she is not mature enough to make the right decisions. i would suggest seeing a social worker, so you can get the right advise, i know you say you love her, but her attitude towards you, as you describe it, isn't very nice, just break it off with her.

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