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I'm 20 and I've been cheating on my 48 year old boyfriend with a guy my own age, should I leave?

To make a long story short. I have been seeing this 48 year old married man for a year. He was tired of his old grumpy wife and loved how young and beautiful I am and mature for my age. He wants me to move in but I'm unsure, his kids are 15 and 17 and mad at me and his ex wife is unstable and man. It's just too much drama and I love him but I don't know about the moving in. He's even been talking about marriage but I don't know. And I've been recently thinking that he's shallow for being with me just for my youth. I go out partying and 2 weeks ago I met a guy at my college at a party. He's 22 and fun and everything. I've slepped with him. I'm starting to have feelings for him but I don't know what should I do? I have guilty for cheating on him.

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    You should go with the guy your age, he's young and you said yourself he's everything you want. and the 48 yr old would probably be able to get his life organized and go back to his wife with you out of the way. Do you love him enough to marry him? by the time he's 55yrs, you'd be sick and tired of him. good luck.

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    "He was once tired of his historic grumpy spouse" He was once supposed to be the mature grownup and fix his MARRIAGE. Marriage is a serious commmitment and it is meant to be that manner for a rationale. He wasn't presupposed to convey You alongside. "He wishes me to maneuver in however i am not sure, his children are 15 and 17 and mad at me and his ex wife is unstable and man" Wow, how could you want to be with a disrespectful husband? He must have gotten counseling and trying to fix his marriage. He is historical for a cause! Do not get worried anymore. It is now not healthful nor is it right. Despite the fact that it's rough, folks will look at you improper. I did this earlier than and appear how I turned up! Single and harm!!!

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    Your "48 year old boyfriend" is married - let him resolve his marriage situation. You sound confused and unstable, like a lot of 20 year olds. Get out and date and play and have a good time, get all the sleeping around out of your system and don't move in with anyone anytime soon.

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    "mature for my age" ?????

    Yea. I see a whole lot of evidence for that piece of sailboat fuel.

    kid, you have daddy issues and are no more ready for adult life than a fruit fly.

    Get to school. Get an education and some job skills and work on becoming a person, not a trophy. Stop dating men who can protect you from the adult world and become an actual adult.

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    holy **** !!!!!!!!!!

    are you playing with you're life ?????? lol

    reject the old man (he is married at all and he has children's too, your age,.!!!!!!!!....move out fast.....)

    try to be the guy who is 20"........try to talk the whole thing.....

    don't be stupid......this is your life......!!!!!!!!!

    you have to decide !!!!!!!

    take a good action,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i hope you will !!!!!!!!!!

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