After 20 odd years of badly biting my nails I tried growing them but I'm having continual issues.?

I just started growing my nails and it seems like something is wrong. I bite my nails really badly and in the past I have knocked things too hard and got splinters right under my nails. Often the same certain areas get sore and it feels like there is some sort of build up, almost like a pimple and runs from under the nail to a point on the tip somewhere, and sort of looks like a scar - it's hard to explain. When I tried growing my nails I tried ignoring the feeling but it gets sore and as they get longer my nail is strange around where the pimple like problem is. When I end up biting my nails again the texture is almost splintery and I feel the need to bite the nail right down nearly halfway down the bed to get something out. Also when I squeeze the area a pus like liquid will sometimes come out, that's why it feels like a pimple and cause it starts at the tip of my finger and goes down the nail bed it is almost scar like.

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  • 8 years ago

    That does sound as if you have some sort of an infection under the nail, almost like a little cyst. You feel the need to worry at it because that lets some of the built-up pressure out. I think a visit to the doctor is in order.

    Once you've sorted out the infection the best way to grow bitten nails is to get artificial nails put on. You don't have to get long claw-like nails, you don't have to have them painted rainbow colours (although I guess you could do either of those things if you wanted to!). This gives your nails a chance to grow.

    Unfortunately really persistent nail biting can result in the nails becoming permanently deformed.

    I am not convinced that nail biting is necessarily an anxiety or stress thing (although if you are a biter, it is probably harder to avoid doing it when you're anxious or stressed), I think it is more a case of habit and possibly even genetics. I think also the biting irritates the nails and the nail beds but the chewing serves a bit like scratching does with other irritations and your saliva may also ease the irritation slightly, so you keep on doing it, even although it actually makes it worse.

    Source(s): Observing nail biters.
  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    particular, i've got bitten my nails for nearly 10 years. it fairly is in basic terms an extremely annoying to interrupt habit. on each occasion i want some thing to do with my hands, I chew my nails. on each occasion i'm bored, I chew my nails.

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