I want to get a new job.What are good paying jobs?

I have worked at target,and as a security guard.I am currently a security guard,and im 20 years old.

I currently get paid 10.00 an hr,work is easy but pay sucks.I am going on my 4th month in the company.

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  • 8 years ago
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    So the question is, are you qualified to do anything that pays more than $10/hour? Security guard doesn't have too many transferrable skills.

    1. I have no idea what the pay is, but once you're 21, you could be a bouncer in a bar.

    2. You could be a security guard in a high-risk place like a nuclear plant.

    3. You could join the military. Or become a cop. State highway patrol?

    4. Consider being a long-haul trucker. You need a special kind of driver's license for it, and you will need training to get the license, but there are lots of job openings and pay is good.

    5. If you can get to North Dakota, you can work in the oil industry. Pay is excellent. http://www.ndoil.org/?id=22

  • 8 years ago

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