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How long does Valium stay in your system?

I took 14mg of Valium about 12 hours ago, and I just drank a bottle of Smirnoff. Could this be a dangerous combination?

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    you read all these answers, Han.. potentially fatal, one of them said

    please please please be careful ~ x

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    Have drug tests coming up?

    Diazepam (Valium) has one of the longest half lives it not the longest of the Benzodiazepines - I think it can up to 100 hours (depending on your metabolism).

    So after a couple of days - half of it would still be in your system. This is what Erowid says ~

    "Tested for in Standard Drug Tests? NO

    Tested for in Extended Drug Tests? YES

    Detection Period in Urine Single Use : 7 - 10 days

    Diazepam(Valium) is one of several prescription benzodiazepines commonly tested for in the extended drug test. Cutoff levels are 300 ng/ml."

    So I guess a week would be fine, as a rough estimate - but Valium can stay much longer. Usually it's said 3-4 days for urine and 1-10 days for Blood (up to 3 months in the hair).

    Benzos + Booze? Not your best idea, Harrison. Is it your first time taking Valium? How did you react to it? You might have an uber high tolerance - but 14mg is enough to knock some people out on the spot. A combination of Valium and alcohol can potentially be LETHAL with high probability for Benzodiazepine overdose which you don't want.

    Some people take 50mg and are fine - they're very rare. Others turn into zombies by the 30mg mark - and since it's so addictive can increase the dosage and wake up in the hospital the next day.

    Now 14mg Valium by itself won't cause OD - even 80 probably wouldn't - but it mixed with other CNS depressants (like Alcohol) and you get a LETHAL COMBO.

    Ethyl Alcohol (stuff that gets you drunk) enables more of the sedative in Valium to reach your brain as it blocks the digestion of the tablets you swallow - which is potentially quiet deadly.

    I am surprised you can still function after drinking a whole bottle with that doze - is that Russia or Australia you're living in? I suggest you stop doing it as soon as possible as taking both can cause you to stop breathing and then it's game over. It's not something you fool around SERIOUSLY and being able to sleep well at night isn't really worth the dangers.

    Cautionary warning aside, chronic usage can be detected after a MONTH and 10 panel drug tests or the expanded ones can detect it after a LONG time. Standard SAMSHA drug screen (pre-employment) don't really test for benzos.



    They usually say 3-7 or 7-10 days. HOWEVER, Valium can stay in your system for a LOT longer, especially if you're a chronic user. Chronic consumption of BOTH Valium and Vodka can be DEADLY depending on the individual. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND DISCONTINUING USAGE.

    Source(s): It only get worse later, Harrison, trust me. It might look like fun in the beginning but in the long run - SLOW and painful death. High tolerance will only get you so far - you'll grow addicted and will never see it coming. So please, take that into consideration. Take care, Michael.
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    ya, diazepam has a very long half life... the longest of the benzodiazepines i think. youd be much better off with some zolpidem/zapelon. half of it is still in ur system after about 50 hours. the majority of drug tests do not look for this.. i really do think your looking at a few weeks minimum for it to be undetectable. drug detection rates are typically given for just a particular class of drugs... in this case you have some drugs in this class that stay in your system 25 times longer than others. ... valium just so happens to be the one that stays in the longest. i would say xanax is probably a few days, but valuim alot longer. my point is that people quoting the 3-5 days are simply repeating what they have heard is the norm for most things... not the case here. real advice: drink a gallon of water hours before the test, take a few "vitamin B complex's" pills to make ur piss still yellow even tho its dilute... and get some creatine while ur at GNC too and take a few grams here and there before the test... they measure creatinine(a metabolite) to see how dilute ur piss is... so with the vitamins givin u color, and creatine making it seem concentrated, you can basically piss straight water without them saying anything. and oh ya... ur best bet is to not be messing with drugs. naughty!!! lol u could always just get prescribed a drug in this class if u got alot on the line... whats that you say? your freaking out? scared all the time? panic? well.... they have something for that lol. p.s... drinking tons of water days prior doesnt help.

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    A BOTTLE of Smirnoff? How are you even alive? Sorry Courtney, I don't know anything about valium, but I seriously hope that Smirnoff was a mixed drink.

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    Would be more worried about drinking a bottle of vodka.Be in your system a few days.Its when you take each other about the same time the fun starts or sleep starts lol.

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