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Why does my vag smell?

Its only after i shave and the smell only lasts about two days. Otherwise it never smells. This started happening about two months ago and ive been shaving for years

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    You use after shave lotion which not only give pleasant smell but also heals any cut accidently occured during shave.

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    There is a natural intimate aphrodisiac fragrance that goes with the vagina. It is a given. It is minimized by bathing

    or taking showers. There are areas of the vagina that need to be thoroughly cleaned from time to time to avoid smegma.

    The vagina is self cleansing after the monthly. Women in America are at last coming to terms with exactly who they are in this area. Many years ago douching was a constant habit to avoid the natural fragrance of the vagina and caused excessive medical problems for years as a result.

    There are plenty negative off beat comments that must be ignored regarding the female genitalia.

    But you should know who you are and know very well at all times what your natural pleasant aphrodisiactic scent is that goes just with you.

    If it becomes strange or the natural whiff is pungent or extra off beat...see your gynocologist.

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