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I want to ask out this barista.?

Alright so it's my first year of college. She goes there too. We also had highschool together, but I never really talked to her much since she had a boyfriend who went to Iraq (he was older as you can guess). Now she's single (or at least i have strong evidence to support she's single) and I really wanna get her number. I mainly see her at the starbucks I go to and she and I have short conversations. (only short because I don't wanna get her in trouble at her work) Like I'd talk to her on facebook and stuff but she isn't much into social networks (which i like), but from what I can tell we do like a lot of the same things and she's really cool. Now next time I go there I want to ask her if I can have her number. How would you think I go about asking this? I saw her talking about how some other guy asked and she turned him down fast (most likely cause he was a stranger haha) so I really don't want to suffer the same fate lol.

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    Don't be afraid of rejection. Ask her if she wants to go out when she gets off of work. Be cool about and don't show any nervousness because that will make the situation awkward.

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    I would not ask her for her number, if you just ask her for her number and she gives it you, you will then be bricking it about when to call her and what to say.

    just go up to her and say, would you like to come out to see a film or something one night

    if she says no, then you know where you stand, if she says yes then you ask her for her number

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    go up to her and ask her, straight up, no bs, just full dedication, all or nothing

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