What can I do???????????????????

I am just curious about how someone could know so many personal details about someone. Not like in a wierd way, but in a way that they know how you feel inside..what gets to you...what makes you sad..I found this interesting since I had a friend do this. In all honesty it scared me because I am rather a private person and don't like people being that close to me emotionally. However, without me saying my feelings and such they knew. They said that it was the way I spoke about certain topics. The thing I disliked the most was when they said they feel they should listen because they care about me. I honestly do not take someone saying these words very well since it makes me scared. Thing is they know that I am. How do I get passed this so that I can finally keep a friend. They pretty much know everything I feel like and well in some way don't know how to respond. My mind tells me one minute it is okay if someone knows this stuff about me and other times I want to run.. Please serious answers. I like this person as a friend so how can I fight myself....

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  • 8 years ago
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    Stop trying to hide. If someone genuinely cares about you or can tell how you feel about things then let them. That is what we call a friend. Maybe your not used to someone asking or caring. It's ok to let someone in everyone in awhile and to let your guard down. Don't get mad at someone who understands you. Those people are rare.

  • 8 years ago

    perhaps your friend is good with empathizing with people, and a good reader of body language.

    u can keep her, but u need to set boundaries with her. she may be getting close than u are comfortable accomodating her. maybe u could tell her u'll like to keep to yourself as your way of processing and solving problems, given that u're a rather private person, n u'll be fine on yourself. u understand her intention, so perhaps if u need her help, or listening ears, tell her that u can find her when the time arise :)

    be honest with each other, n appreciate each other, may your friendship last

  • jb
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    8 years ago

    A friend is someone who cares enough to listen when you talk...

    A friend is someone who knows how you feel without having to be told..

    A friend is someone who you can let your guard down with.

    If you want a friend this is what friendship is about.

  • Julia
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    8 years ago


    i don't understand what the problem is? you're moaning because a friend has empathy and understands how you feel?

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