Best option for high quality video calls?

I am about to start a business that will require me to be able to dial into my office via video-link on a regular basis.

Now I know of Skype and I have an account, however, I find Skype to be delayed and very poor quality visually.

Does anyone have any suggestions of something better that might work?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Hi John:

    Other than Skype, Microsoft "Silverlight" is another way to connect quality video streaming over the web or a dedicated network (LAN). Netflix uses the Silverlight technology to handle their quality video-on-demand service. For two-way video conferencing, you'd need to open two "instances" (windows) of a Silverlight app (one for each video/audio stream direction).

    As far as off-the-shelf solutions, Polycom's ViewStation products are probably the best in the business. Polycom has been in the VOIP and teleconferencing game longer than Skype, and professional video conferencing users turn to Polycom gear for quality two-way communication.

    I've listed Wikipedia articles on both Silverlight and Polycom in my Sources below.

    hope this helps,

    --Dennis C.


    Source(s): Video & teleconferencing professional. Polycom ViewStation owner/user. Silverlight software user. Wikipedia "Silverlight" article: Wikipedia "Polycom" article (ViewStation section):
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