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i think youtube celebrities are overrated. your thoughts?

and dont say bs like "if it sucks, lemme see you do better". cmon, thats a bit unfair. but seriously i had subscribed to alot of the most subscribed channels like smosh, jennamarbles, freddiew, and...well, i unsubscribed. i feel like now they release videos because they're gonna get money for it and not because its fun. and im close to unsubscribe to all the hodgetwins channels and nigahiga because of the same thing. but at least nigahiga doesnt bother me with videos all the time. and well, i have no idea why people watch epicmealtime. sorry, but i dont get it

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    I won't tell you to do better or whatnot, because being a youtuber is more a matter of luck and choice than of talent. That doesn't mean that the celebrities have gotten their fame handed to them on a silver plate, because getting to the top takes a lot more effort than non-youtubers realize.

    Most big youtubers started with a lucky multi-million view video and then took the opportunity to build on it when their audience was hooked. First they got lucky and then they chose to continue with it. It requires a lot of dedication and frequent uploading to keep your channel growing, so I wouldn't see it as "bothering people with videos". It's just the way it works or their channel will go into oblivion.

    What you say is completely true. The videos of these celebrities are being released for the money. It's a sad truth but, again, that's just the way it works. They are either studying or full-time occupied with youtube and need the money to pay the bills. I hope you can understand that when you have made 100 or more videos in the same style, the fun in making them has worn off a little. I'm speaking from experience here, being a youtuber myself with 30K views a day and rising fast. I'll have 10 million views by next spring. I might have the potential to be one of these celebs one day. I won't give you my channel because I'm not here to advertise, I'm just illustrating the position I'm speaking from.

    It's these numbers (the number in my bank account!) that keep me (and no doubt the bigger youtubers) going. There is no such thing as a 100% selfless act. People like these celebrities need to get something touchable in return, because 'likes' won't pay the bills. The ads are a small annoyance for a further wise free site.

    So no, I don't think youtube celebrities are overrated. At least no more than movie stars or pop stars. They might have had some luck, but most of them have talent for what they do.

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