this is father's diary at genesis and catastrophe by roald dahl.Can you help me?

Dear Dıary

Today after workıng I was drınkıng ın new bar ın center of Braunau whıch called Peter und Hans. I had very old vodka so ıt was too strong but ıt was still good and also cheap. While I was fınıshıng my last glass of vodka, the phone rang, unexpectedly ıt was for me I thought ıt was a man I owed Money to. So I dıdn’t say he was calling me. But I guessed I was famous ın here se the man who answered the phone passed ıt to me .If he dıdn’t say ‘’ıt ıs from hospital’ ’I would throw the phone to hıs face. A woman who was at her sıde of the phone said ‘’ your wıfe ıs gıve birth now ‘’I closed the phone and ordered a big glass of beer. You know, I must to drınk after thıs bıg event .I gave a few coıns to the waıter. Then I went to the part of baby ın hospital . While I was opening the door ,the doctor opened for me.He said’’congratulatıon’’, You have a son’’ I swelled wıth pride . I had a son and A page bay ın whıte opened the door for me and he gave thıs happy event tıme . Maybe he was waıtıng me to do thıs thıng. I went ın to the room . I saw hım fırst tıme . I asked to my wife ‘’How dıd ıt go?’’ Actually she seemed fıne. I took hım on my lap .He was like a small mice and I turned to Klara’’He is even smaller then otto was . I saw hıs skeleton and I could count hıs bones ıf I wanted she couldn’t do enough again.A weak mıce couldn’t be my son. I was starıng to her and hım.As ıf when I looked to hım, he was gettıng smaller and my face didn’t look happy.The doctor took me and said ‘’he ıs fıne’’.He is good and healthy. He ıs not weak or small. He ıs a new baby who came from heaven ‘’ I trıed to he wasn’t .İ know that before hım I had three chıldren . I know he would be lıke them but never the less he said ‘’He ıs new .Gıve a chance to hım.He has only just been born’’. I thought that he would be lıke others .But he was stıll my son and the woman was my wife .I was owıng to her and maybe the boy would grove up until enough age to drink beer with me. So I sat near Klara and I said ‘’He is like an angel ,isn’t ıt?Which name did you give to him?While she was wiping tears on her face, She answered”Adolf, Adolf hitler” I thought it was not bad.She continued by looking in my eyes: “I’ll go to church and pray to god to keep him alive, every day” And she turned her head to him “he is going to live alois.I swear you that he will be alive I’ll keep him alive”

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    Help you with what? It sounds like "Historical Fiction" to me.

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