SHE'S NOT A VIRGIN! (Serious Questions)?

A girl's virginity is glorified because it's purity and how strong willed she is. Now, for a guy, it's completely the opposite I guess. If you're a virgin and your 21, you're automatically a sore loser. I don't believe that, but this "virginity" double standard for genders is not my question. It's the double standard on girls that concern me. If a girl, who is a virgin, is seen as pure and innocent, what does it make the girls, who aren't virgins? Does it make them a whore just because they gave it to one guy, because she thought he was "the one". Sure they were ignorant about love, but should we, as society, look down on girls by this label of "virgin" and "not virgin"?

This is a serious question, although I don't expect any real answers.


I understand that people have their own opinions on this matter, and that's the reason why I made this question in the first place. Isn't that what advice is anyways? You follow the advice you agree with the most? I'm not being technical about what is considered really a virgin,I'm asking YOU if you think its ok or not ok to judge a young girl in present day if she told you she consider herself not a virgin.

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    heres reality..Virgins are sign of purity, shy, very cautious, scared one, very possessive, which keep them away from socializing in other words confined to themselves(as virginity is taken as pride and gift to husband) and family.. which a family man prefer for peace. now once the virginity goes the girl tends to become fearless, she feels free from bondage of virginity and at par with man which makes her independent and free wheeling person, a social character.

    To be very frank most of the girls are good home maker but virgins become a one man one family type after marriage. But if a girl loses her virginity before marriage or for any reason, either she hides it or feel guilt or if she gets a liberal man ,she is lucky.she can spill the things of past.

    Yes, Society ( with older generation) do prefer a calm, cool, down to family value girls as daughter in laws not with tell tale story girls.

  • 8 years ago

    1. I am a guy virgin of 18 years old and am perfectly fine with that, I rather have sex with the right person then some chick I would know for only a week or two

    2. Girls can have their hymens broken through normal activities so technically it would be hard pressed to know if they were a virgin or not via what they tell you.

    3. A virgin girl is look at as pure and innocent because she has yet to get into sexual acts, in theory. That doesn't mean she hasn't used anything else for sexual acts though. To me its not if shes a virgin or not its how many times she she has had sex or how many guys she has been with. To me the less the better.

    Overall person, virginity in biblical stories is important because its more looked at as a reserved thing, but when two people love they tend to try to be closer via sexual acts even at a young age. Hell the early greeks had kids between 14 and 20, but that was in the times where people only lived to 30 or 40.

  • 8 years ago

    A whore by definition is someone who trades sexual favors for money, so if she isn't specifically asking to be paid then no, she is not a whore. That is not a matter of opinion, it is a fact.

    BTW a girl can lose her virginity by riding a horse or falling down. I don't really understand what "advice" you are asking for.

    Personally I couldn't give two chits if anyone is a virgin. I have better things to worry about! I got my own problems to deal with lol

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    8 years ago

    You are asking a question where you will get more than one answer because it's opinion. If you have some hope that all of society will come to one conclusion you are asking to be left down; that won't happen. So just do what want to do because you can't make everyone happy and you would be stupid to try.

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