Am I overreacting or is my bf really lying to me?

My boyfriend who I've been seeing for three months, is very sneaky. I tagged him in a photo a few days ago, and two of my friends liked it. Today one of his female friends liked it, a girl named athena and recently I seen him texting her, she likes a lot of his photos as well. Now he gets off of work tonight and the photo isn't there anymore. He says he talks to some ex here and there but I don't know her name but I think its the girl named above. He doesn't want to even put in a relationship on his facebook. Now I'm asking him if he saw a tagged photo, he's telling me he didn't see any tagged photo of him, when I've seen all his tagged photos from other people which he comments on and he's saying he didn't see me tag him in any photo. So my question is he lying or is he telling the truth? He's getting mad at me and hung up the phone. Am I overreacting?

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  • 8 years ago
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    He's definitely lying and hiding something there. You're not overreacting thou your boyfriend is since he got mad and hung up on you plus he seems defensive and feisty about that stuff. So surely something is up and you should confront him calmly and talk to him about this.

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    If you worry that you might not pick up on your boyfriend's dishonesty, you may be right:

    According to "Psychology Today" magazine, people are only between 40 and 65 percent accurate when it comes to recognizing that someone isn't telling them the truth. Learning how to tell whether a boyfriend is lying requires you to be alert to nonverbal cues and to be willing to face the consequences if you learn that he has been dishonest.

    Step 1

    Choose a time that's conducive to conversation. Don't pick the five minutes before you have to leave for work or an evening when he's come home exhausted from the office. Try to choose a time when you're both comfortable and relaxed.

    Step 2

    Sit so that you can see his face and body language clearly. If he's sitting at a table, move your chair out from the table so that you can see his body. If you're sitting beside each other, move so that you can see his face and body.

    Step 3

    Ask a casual question that your boyfriend has no reason to lie about, such as where he'd like to have dinner that weekend or what time a sporting event is supposed to take place. Pay attention to his face and body language so that you know what his "normal" response to questions is.

    Step 4

    Plan your question carefully. Ask the precise question you want answered, and avoid being vague. For instance, if you want to know whether your boyfriend went to a strip club with his friends last week when he said he was working late, ask him that and not whether he ever goes to strip clubs.

    Step 5

    Look directly at your boyfriend, and ask your question. Resist the urge to elaborate on what you've said: Ask, and then let him respond.

    Step 6

    Watch for physical cues, such as crossing his legs, folding his arms, touching his face or looking very intently at your eyes. These all may be signs that he's not telling the truth, according to Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks of the Hendricks Institute in an article for

    Step 7

    Listen for audio cues, such as changes in the pitch of his voice, coughing or clearing his throat or a sudden increase in his speaking speed. According to the Hendricks Institute, these audio cues can signal a lie.

    Step 8

    Notice attitude changes, such as hostility or anger, that your boyfriend uses to deflect attention from your question. For instance, if you ask whether he was at a strip club, and he says, "I'm offended that you're even asking me that" instead of answering your question, he could be trying to distract you from his dishonesty.

    Step 9

    Determine whether your boyfriend is telling the truth by using a combination of these clues. The more simple and straightforward his responses, the more likely it is that he's being honest.

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    8 years ago

    Girl, you're wasting your time with him. I highly suggest you leave him. As soon as possible. He's probably already cheated on you, and the other girl probably doesn't even know about you. And if he doesn't wanna put the relationship on Facebook.. Just no. Like I'm sorry but he's a bad boyfriend.

  • 8 years ago

    girl we all no how facebook works.. he removed that tag dont be silly or convience yourself to believe his lies because your obviously feeling him. but yes all signs point to he's hiding something and not beng honest about it. ive been with a dude like that before, And I stayed way longer than I should of because I was so into him and excepting dumb sh#t like that. encourage him to keep it real but he not that into you sweety, as harsh as it sound thats the truth. A man that is in to you would flaunt your pic proudly on his page and openly share his love with you to others.. in a manly way or course. but don;t be dumb like me and stay hoping for a change. 9 times out of 10 he wont. he's showing you whats it is now! excepting and let his butt go.

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  • 8 years ago

    Just get out of Facebook and your relation problems are gone. :)

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