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If I dye my hair black, what color would be best for my eyebrows?

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My hair is naturally brown, so I've been coloring them in with a deep brown eye brow pencil, but sinceI'm going to dye my hair would I have to color them in black as well? Or would brown to with it? I don't want it to look weird, or not right.

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    No one should ever have black eyebrows, unless its natural. If you want to color them in, simply use a dark brown color.

    Black just looks too harsh and sharpie looking when you fill them in. What I do is use an eyebrow kit. I get it from target for $3 and its the Elf brand.

    I fill and shape my eyebrows with the gel ( in the eyebrow kit)how I like them and then I go over it with a dark brown matte eyeshadow and that's what sets them so they don't smudge or whatever.

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  • Just want to say that when you dye your hair, make sure it isn't so black that it looks fake. Usually going with the dark brown works the best. If your eye brows are somewhat dark, a dark brown eye brow pencil will add to it but you probably won't need much. Try to go for as natural a look as possible. You cannot go wrong.

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    After you dye your hair, see the way it looks. If I were you i would die them. I have naturally soiled blonde/mild brown hair. I also have like gentle brown eyebrows. I dyed my hair like a chesnut brown colour and my eyebrows seemed ridiculous. Although you could see them when my hair was blonde, with the darker hair from far away such as you could now not even see my eyebrows and it appeared so unnatural. They make certain stuff to dye your eyebrows with, no longer usual hair dye. It can be like a henna sort of thing that fades out after a whilst. Then you need to re-do. The itial shock of the colour is like whoa! But then the next day to come its faded and also you seem coordinated. Trust me, it appears quite good and it'll make your hair suit more. Just don't die your brows like jet black. Do a extra normal colour, but darkish.

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    Do you have light brown or dark brown hair?

    If your eyebrows are light brown it's better to dye them. If your eyebrows are already really dark brown there's no point to dye them black... unless it still really shows a difference with your new black hair.

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    well i think with black hair you need to go more black toned in your eyebrows. If you are worried that u might look weird then i prefer you try either a brown black eyebrow color or a light black so its not as prominant.

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    You should dye them black or keep filling them in with a black or kohl eyeliner. If you want it to last longer use a little bit of waterproof mascara (soft black) and blend it in with an eyebrow brush. Then dust it with some sheer powder. Just be careful if you dye them black because you don't want to get any in your eyes. Not even the fumes.

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    Dark brown and maybe shade it in with a light black eyebrow pencil.

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