Very sore painful throat, no tonsils, and not strep?

My throat has started hurting a few days ago, it feels a lot like strep, but when I got it checked out at the doctor they said it turned out negative. It's been getting more and mores swollen and a lot more painful, no medications are working for me. I also do not have tonsils/adenoids. It hurts worse at night to the point where I can't even sleep..

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  • 8 years ago
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    Here's my ways how to get rid of something like that:

    Remember to take a hot shower or bath. It will relax your throat and sinuses from the hot steam.

    Get tons of rest! Sleep is always the best when your sick!

    If you have one, humidifiers are the best for sore throats. Especially when you are going to sleep.

    Drink lots of water and fluids.

    Drink hot drinks, but not TOO hot.

    Do not eat or drink any dairy.

    Do not eat cupcakes, cake, or any food that is too sweet, it will irritate the throat. Ice Cream and popsicles are perfect!

    I hope you get better soon! <3

    Source(s): Personal Experience With Sore/Strep/Tonsillitis.
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