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Indiana custody to get permission leavve state with a child?

Can I move to another city or state without the father's permission? I'm currently pregnant and I'm havin medical issues that require me to be on bedrest.I hve no family and my childrens father works alot and he is unable to help with our 2yr.I have sole custody We cnt afford daycare or a nanny and we dnt live together.

Wwe just get alone for our daughter. We were never married and its only been proven he is the father.he's currrent and paying child support. There is no visitation set or custody battles I just let him see her whenever. I plan to leave and for a maternity home that will full take care of me and my child in another state. I'm confused becus He's attitude is like ok n goodluck hope it works out for you. But then he gets mad because I asked for him to come to the courthouse so I can get his permission/signature so I can go.

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    "Can I move to another city or state without the father's permission?" You have his permission: "ok n goodluck hope it works out for you."

    But no, you don't. As long as you're not violating any custody or visitation order.

    Source(s): I'm a family court appointed special advocate. In Indiana.
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    once you've finished parental custody of the toddler you could take them everywhere you want to. appears like with her shifting to date away she extremely has no pastime interior the toddler. i'd petition the courtroom for finished custody and extra then in all probability it really is going to likely be granted to you.

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