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Adopting my Step-Sister?

My step dad was convicted of 3 counts of child seduction against me, and he is going to jail soon. I was wondering since he will be in jail, and will be registered as a sex offender. Could I adopt his daughter since she is my step-sister?


commenting on that last post this is about my girl friend getting her step sister, we have a kid of our own and are doing just fine. I ve been clean I havent had anything happen dealing with my past addiction lately. We really want to help her out we have a room for her and the money to supply her. Is there any way we could get her at all.

Update 2:

This was a question not by me but my gf btw.

Update 3:

the girl cannot see the mom, since the mom was stripped of guardianship i believe all i know is she cant see her mom anymore.

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    if her mother consents to her being with you, you have no criminal record, you have a good clean home, some money coming in, and the child wants to be with you then you have a good case to file for guardianship. i got legal guardianship of my "step-daughter" even though there is no blood ties and i never married her father (no legal tie). I was 23, had a crap apartment, was on cash aid from the state and finishing college but i still won against both sets of her grandparents. they even tried calling CPS on me over and over to try and get at her and none of their lies or crap worked, mostly because everyone who mattered could see even though i was young, i was doing my very best and the child was happy and wanted to stay with me more than anything.

    adopting is a different monster. i got guardianship fairly easily but i looked into adopting and i don't think i would qualify, plus even if i raised the funds, terminateing parents (even bad parent's) rights is no joke, it is a very long hard process. you would do better to go for guardianship and hold on to her. the longer she is in your home the less likely she will be given back. i know we made it one year and my ex tried to get her back, he had totally cleaned up, completed all terms of his probation, had a apartment with a spare room, good money coming in. i decided not to fight him at first but the court made it very clear to me if i agreed to terminate the guardianship she would not be going back to him, they would find a different arrangement for her (foster care, grandparents? idk) so i kept her and he backed off (would have lost anyway if he continued).

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    After reading your other questions.......There are no biological or legal bonds between you so the CPS will first look at close family members. Considering you are only 19yo, were a heavy cocaine user a year ago and have issues from that and is not married to your gf the adoption will not happen. It will not be considered a stable home.

    EDIT: she would still have to be married since there are no ties between them, not legally and not biologically. So it depends on if someone else wants her or not. If not she can apply but then you have to be married and that is where your past comes into the picture as well. The age is against her as well since she/you? is only 19.

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    How old are you? Do you have the means to support her? Is there other family that would want her? Court would rather give her to family before foster care.

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