Is he jealous? What do you think?

Okay so I like this guy from work, his mate lets call him dan likes me and pretends I'm his gf and that we're getting married, he's also played around were going out on a date.

The guy I like let's call him smith turned around to me and said if you go out on a date with him, I will remove you as a friend of mine. You're too good for him, you can do better. Right in front of dan, he said to him no offence your a good guy but your also a bad guy. What should I think of this?

1 Answer

  • 8 years ago

    I think that he honestly cares about you and that is why he said that. Do not overthink this. This is the problem sometimes, that people tend to overthink things. Anyway, I really think you have a shot, just keep doing what your doing and ask smith to go for coffee and tell you about dan. If not just be yourself and believe me when I say that smith may really like you. Anyways, hope this helps

    Source(s): self experience
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