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British English VS American English?


i just want to know which one of the two is the best.. i really want to know the opinion of Americans in it, and the opinion of British people.

What are the elements that make one better than the other ?

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    British English is better because it is the original English. American English is nonsense, and the people who use it don't even use it correctly... Anyway, British English is used in every English speaking country except for the US and Canada.

    - Ella :)

  • ceridd
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    Considering the complex grammar and the VAST number of words in the English language, there really is NO, Z-E-R-O difference between the two. The number of words which differ from continent to continent is negligible. There is a "dictionary" which lists the variations between British and American English words (boot vs. trunk, assurance vs. insurance, the troublesome meaning of "fanny" - ha!). This "dictionary" is only pages long, so the "difference" is not large enough to be measured. If "better" means "correct", you would need to look at the original use and the appropriateness of every single word, and that would be a toss-up.*** "There IS no better".

    And then there was SLANG. Australia proudly hales themselves to be the Master of Slang, and only a fool would argue with them! Britain and America are also exploding with slang. All three borrow from one another, and everyone benefits from this, since language is a living, growing thing. "It's ALL good" (origin, African American), "No worries" (origin, Australia).

    We all also have an enormous amount of techno-language, modern words which are brand new, and old words that have taken on additional meaning. The English language is exploding!! Take yourself back in time a mere 50, 30 (or even 10) years ago, and then imagine yourself listening to a modern conversation. VERY often you would be unable to understand what the people were talking about!

    There is proper English grammar usage and Vocabulary. The number of words is so vast and growing that it is IMPOSSIBLE to know the number, but it is guessed that English has the largest number of ANY language.

    Comparing British and American English is like comparing apples and apples.

    But Educational Level (formal and self-educated) CAN be evaluated as "Better and Worse". In the past decade, I hear Americans slaughtering grammar routinely, and the same thing is happening in Britain.

    Brits and Americans who have higher language skills and a broader vocabulary **speak the same language**. The REAL division is NOT between British and American English, but between those who continue to speak English properly and accumulate a large vocabulary, and those who have fallen into destroying basic grammar and clinging to a handful of words for their communication.

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    As a Brit, I would say British English. However, from a practical point of view I concede that American English is probably preferable. British people are exposed to American English through films etc. American people have difficulties understanding some very ordinary British English words.

    When I was working in Hong Kong with Americans, one of them said she had never heard the word 'lorry' until she moved to Hong Kong. In British English a rubber is what the Americans call an eraser. In America a rubber is a condom.

    And one woman was appalled at the idea of teaching Vietnamese refugee children the word 'café', although I'm not sure why.

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    British English is the original English, so obviously it's better. I'm an American and I can confidently state that. I went to a British school in the US so I know both forms of English.

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  • 8 years ago

    There are differences in American English and British English which include pronunciation,grammar, vocabulary, spelling and different words for same things.

    My opinion, I think that British English is better.

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    The modern English language has evolved to the present (some thousand years) it was laid down a taught over those years so that English is now one of the most consise languages of the world.

    Americese firstly was bastardised by the colonist with all manor of other foreign influences,also people like Henry ford who came from Ireland who went out of their way to try and change their language into what appears to be something else.

    To an Englishman they sound primitive and uncultured and a little slow in the head of which they can't be blamed.

    I was married to one for six years she came from the south which made her speak the language with less influence of other nations.

    Because of the barage of american pap of tv and cinema we English are able to understand americese expertly even nouns such as black light for U.V.

    What really makes me feel psysically sick watching Americans eat. Almost bent double so their chins are only half inch from the plate to stuff vast quantities of food in then talk whilst they masticate.

    Another party piece is this pick up the knife drop the knife swop the fork game, dunno what that's about at all.

    Watching them always reminds me of escaped convicts feeding whilst still chained to each other.

    Everyone would delight in watching me "making little food packages on my fork" lets face it,its not brain surgery is it.

    How they can enjoy there food with their elbows on the table tossing knives and forks around the place stabbing at pieces of food is beyond me, however they do in spades bless em. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND THANK THE GODS THEY HAVE DIVORCE THERE.

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    4 years ago

    I don t know

    I find British English sounds very refined and smooth, but a bit too nasal sometimes. While American English sounds very cheerful and practical, but a bit too crude sometimes.

  • 8 years ago

    I'd say British because things are spelled how they sound. For example color/colour. Color just looks like collar. I'm not even going to try and give a good answer because I'm biased and I'm Scottish.

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    8 years ago

    Neither is better than the other.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    There's no difference

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