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What are Pitbull's hobbies?

Hi, i am doing a spanish project for school where i have to pretend to be Pitbull (the rapper) and someone interviews me about what my hobbies are and where i like to go out. I did some research but only got a couple of answers. Please help!

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    Wearing suits chewing on cigar(cause he's to puss to smoke them and its just for image) reciting his area code, reciting Mr Worldwide, doing ethnic yells and doing thick cuba chicks(which is probably the coolest thing he does and he probably doesn't do it for free.)

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    I own 2 pit bulls myself. And I heard for the longest time from my family how mean they were and how I shouldnt own one, well when i moved out i bought my first one. Which is reg. thro UKC she is the biggest baby every and now my family loves her and we just bought our second puppy a few weeks ago and everybody loves here. People go off what they hear from others and what they see on tv. You never see anything good about them But if they would do there reserch they would know that its not the dogs fault that they are tought to fight. They are very bull headed but will do almost anything to please there owners. Some people aint open enough to give them a chance. I love the breed and have never owner a more loving dog. But they are not the dog for everyone. They take time because they are bull headed and most people dont wanna take the time it take to put into them

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    Shaving his hair, wearing suits, smoking and being bad at rapping

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    Eating kibble, pissing on trees and bushes, biting when threatened, catching frisbees... You know, the usual.

    Source(s): I've seen pit bulls do stuff like this before.
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  • 8 years ago

    F******* B******* lol

    Idk I saw a documeentary a long time ago,

    He's from cuba so he probably lights cigars

    Annd said he did music as a hobby. So hes a boss.

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