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Does he like me? ..(teenage boy)..?

[I'm a student in Highschool]

There's this new kid in one of my classes and he was assigned to sit next to me since the kid who used to sit there switched out...

I'm very shy and don't talk much. I keep to myself a lot(especially at school).

Well, this new kid was pretty friendly. He introduced himself first and asked me questions like ' how do I get to my next class.. ' etc

A few weeks past and this kid is still friendly to me. No one has ever kept up with me for so long! He made friends very quickly too. Anyways, he always asks me how my day was and gives this big smile. I can't help but give him short replies...

I see him in the hallways and he says hello with a smile.. he follows me after class sometimes..and once he held onto the back of my backpack.. I felt kind of uncomfortable, but I didn't mind (haha..)

He's very nice and so I eventually sort of fell for him (sigh..) He picks up my pencils..when we're reading in class out loud he whispers " speak louder " because my voice is too quiet .. he stays in his seat next to me when he could go talk to his friends.. also..he mimics me sometimes ...and like touches my arm and laughs...... Idk. I started falling for this kid.

This will sound kind of .. lame, but I emailed my teacher asking if we could switch seats..because I couldn't stand sitting next to him anymore. I can't be near my crush. I don't know why. So, then my teacher told the class the next day that we could sit somewhere else so I moved to the other side.. I looked over and he had this puppy face.. but I felt so relieved.

So at my new seat.. sometimes I look up and I catch him staring and then he looks away.. He comes over and sits next to me to talk to me ........ All these signs show me that maybe he is interested in me..but his personality and everything else tells me that he kind of feels sorry for me because I don't talk to anyone. Or he just likes to mess with me.

I really don't know.

Anyways.. few weeks past and one day this girl tells him " Dude, stop bugging her! Or she doesn't wana talk to you" or something like that...then he became kind of quiet....and from then on......It's really weird. It's like he just completely stopped talking to me. He stopped saying hi and everything like I don't exist anymore.

Sorry, this is too long...But..please..tell me..anything.. I don't care! I appreciate any feedback!

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    I read that! I think you just try sit next to him again open up with him talk to him maybe you find him awesome!

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    damm girl, you better go talk to him or else someone will take him.

    Ask him to watch a movie or study after school

    better do it fast!!!

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