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weird feeling.. depressed...?

idk what it is, but i have the saddest most unexplainable feeling. when i'm downabout something, i usuaully know how to fix it or feel better at least. i've been REALLY tired of friends lately. like i wanna skip a week of school. get away from anyone. usually i go on youtube, talk to someone, or just do something else and i'm better. in this case i feel i have no one to vent to. and idk if that's because i think they wont understand, or if it's because i truly don't understand either. i'm a freshman in highschool and no i'm not on my period.. lol. i've felt this way since about monday night. any recommendations? tips? help /:

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    You're not depressed you're sad!! Sadness caused by depression lasts two weeks and it's constant sadness all the time all day everyday!! Try talking to your parents or ,school counselor about how sad you've been feeling lately!! Skipping a week of school won't help either,you need to figure out what is really making you so sad!! You wanna vent to someone vent to your parents or friends or somebody else you know you can really really talk to!!

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    You're not alone :) I'm also a freshman in high school and have had these feelings where I feel the urge to just get away from everything; What I found that helps a lot is clearing your mind and listening to upbeat music. Also, I agree with keeping a diary to write down your thoughts because it feels good to let it all out, even if it's just on paper. Exercise really helps, like jogging, which makes you feel upbeat when it boosts your energy levels. You could try meditating as well; try focusing on emptying your mind of all negative thoughts :)

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    Get a diary and write and get plenty of sleep and exercise might help,such as taking long walks. Take it slow for a couple more days. You're just probably yearning for independence in a way and/or having friend problems and while you may not be on your period, teenagers do suffer from weird feelings all the time because of hormones. How do I know this? I'm a teenager, same as you. We ALL feel weird at one point or another in our lives.

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