Physics please answer this question will me and my ex get back together?

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    1. (used with a sing. verb) The science of matter and energy and of interactions between the two, grouped in traditional fields such as acoustics, optics, mechanics, thermodynamics, and electromagnetism, as well as in modern extensions including atomic and nuclear physics, cryogenics, solid-state physics, particle physics, and plasma physics.


    1. (Psychology) (Spirituality, New Age, Astrology & Self-help / Alternative Belief Systems)

    a. outside the possibilities defined by natural laws, as mental telepathy

    b. (of a person) sensitive to forces not recognized by natural laws

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    It's a pity I don't have enough points to give Careful Planner a "best answer" right here, right now.

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    @Careful Planner Wow that was harsh lol

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