Can someone explain to me why my friends with benefits would do this?

He kissed me A LOT. These weren't hard passionate kisses either they were gentle and soft. On top of that he admitted that he did miss me a little. He made a comment as well that every time he sees me I get better and better. I don't know what he means and he wont explain it. He is super touchy too. He also invited me to hang out with him and friends lastnight. And before I left his place he asked if he would hear from me again soon. Why would a friends w/benefits do this? Is he starting to develope feelings for me?

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  • Frank
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    8 years ago
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    It's getting complicated, as these things inevitably do.

    End it before it gets more complicated.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    welll no **** sherlock if u were the one inciting the idea he prolly just went along wit it cuz he liked u from the start. if u have a good sex life why not try dating if it dont work out u can always go bak to the whole friends wit benefits

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