On my Flip Ultra HD I have no videos, But it says that I have 18 minutes recording time?

How do I fix this?


And i am on a Mac

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  • Mmm J
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    8 years ago
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    Assuming you are expecting more record time, there's a response at the Flip site. Basically, the instruction is to do all the video file maintenance - deletions - using the camcorder and not the computer.

    What happens: When you capture video, there is a small "database" tracking file in the camera that is updated with video information. When you delete the file with the computer, the database info does not get updated - and sometimes, the video file in the camera is not deleted (even though you can't see it). SO the room that was supposed to be made available when the file was deleted is not made available for recording more video. It is also possible that if there was a firmware upgrade, that activity made some changes that used more space.

    Resolution: Since you are expecting no videos in the camcorder, use the camcorder's menu and instructions in the camera's manual for format the memory in the camera.

    It is also possible that you dragged the videos to the Mac's trash - but did not empty the trash. So... empty the trash...

    I could not find a "Ultra HD" at the Flip support site - so I used the Ultra HD II... In the FAQs


    Scroll down to get to the Macintosh instructions. The last step is useful... "If your video camera still has not regained its full record time, reconnect it to your Mac computer and empty the Trash Bin. Alternatively, you can power ON and OFF your video camera eight times."

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