I keep getting kicked from black ops 2: Zombies Please help!?

Everytime i try to play zombies online at about rounds 6-12 i always get kicked. Then i go back to the start menu and it says "Error: The call of duty black ops 2 server is not available at this time please try again later or visit http://www.callofduty.com/blackops2/status%22 I Have an xbox 360 slim 4gb. No modifications. It was working fine just the other day. Anyone else having this problem? Thanks

2 Answers

  • 8 years ago

    Ur Internet could be slow at the moment which would be why u can't get online, or the call of duty servers are really busy cause people to get kicked, Wat I would do is wait a little bit and maybe switch ur router on and off a few times.

    Source(s): Happened to me
  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    On, Kino Der Toten... Wave a million: Shoot zombies 6 circumstances, then knife. Wave 2: Shoot zombies 6 circumstances, then knife. Wave 3: Repeat wave 2 tactic till ammo is long previous, then knife zombies. Wave 4: purchase Downstairs door, purchase Alleyway door, purchase AK-seventy 4, shelter on the subsequent door (gate) If secret field is in the two places, do not use it. Wave 5: If canines, then... shelter at gate If not canines, then... purchase Gate, purchase Stairwell Door, shelter in the back of the scenes Wave 6: If canines, then... shelter in in the back of the scenes If not canines, then... shop factors to purchase Juggernaut shelter in in the back of the scenes If low on ammo... purchase M16 or... change on capability and return to AK47 for greater ammo. Wave 7: If devoid of Juggernaut... Get 2500 factors for Juggernaut, in basic terms purchase if it fairly is the top of the around prepare at in the back of the scenes for factors If with Juggernaut... shop factors to spend at secret field prepare (to coach is to run in circles, forcing zombies to deliver jointly in the back of you) at in the back of the scenes Create a crawler on the top of the around (to try this, throw a grenade by skill of an undamaged zombies legs. Wave 8: prepare at in the back of the scenes, proceed saving factors, in basic terms use secret field between waves (With a crawler zombie nonetheless alive) Wave 9: prepare at in the back of the scenes for a number of Rounds, till %.-a-Punch is accessible and a greater constructive weapon is aquired. Wave 10+ Repeat Wave 9 tactic. recommendations: keep away from the Backalley, with the exception of in the 1st 5-10 waves (staggering if a crawler is the remainder zombie) stay shifting, and by no skill bypass right into a small constrained section. The in the back of the scenes is the ultimate place to coach zombies, however the commencing Room (on the stunning of the stairs) is conceivable for practise, in spite of the undeniable fact that it takes slightly greater ability than in the back of the scenes. by no skill Open the Door on the stunning of the stairs in the spawn room.

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