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How would you react if someone hacked your computer and follows your every move online?

This was always one of my greatest fears, and it came true, as someone has done this to me, and I find it incredibly creepy, and I am now paranoid for life! I think this person is obsessed with me, and I'm REALLY scared! O_O


I think they are going to try to kill me soon :(

Update 2:

I'm not getting authorities involved. I just hope they will stop soon.

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    WHy would they want to kill you, if they were your fan... I understand whackos that kill out of jealousy that they cannot have, too, tho... they don't think long term... they'll get bored not having their "idol" to watch, oh...

    If they were watching your every move cuz they were an obsessed "hater" & not a "fan"... that happens, too... there are quite a few of those news stories, & quite a few that haven't gotten media attention.

    Can you trust going to the police? That can really make 'em vindictive, too... you'd have to watch your surroundings, keep your doors locked, try not to go out after dark (alone), etc. ={

    In regards to watching what you say, some things you don't have to be quiet about.

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  • Plan A

    First: Call the police

    Second: smash computer into tiny pieces

    Third: move to a different house in a different city

    Fourth: change name

    Fifth: kill the son of a bit*h

    Sixth: go to jail for murder

    Seven: since I'm in jail never touch another computer for the rest of my life

    Eight: die in cement cell

    Ninth: get thrown into the ocean

    O_o don't ask about plan B

  • W.C.
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    8 years ago

    First of all, most people wouldn't even know if they've been hacked unless the hacker made obvious changes to personal settings. Chances are there are literally THOUSANDS of websites you visit that record your on-line habits and you don't even know it. Ever heard of a "cookie?" What do you think they are used for? NEVER save passwords or personal info on an internet computer. You're just asking to get taken advantage of. Get a good quality mal-ware and virus detection software and install it properly and you should be ok.

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    I've had it happen, and I went straight to the police to put an end to it. Some creep was stallking my whole life. There's alot of really sick Mofo's out there. Get the authorities involved AT ONCE, so you have a record of it all.

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    You better concede the worst invasion of so called "personal privacy" in man's recent history when you think of the internet and computers. The point here is to be vigilant more of what your saying than who you think may be paying attention.

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    Thats freaking creepy. Call the police, get someone to track that person down. What the hell.

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    They won't kill you, most guys who hack are as physical as fruit flies. Very annoying but ultimately no threat to life.

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    I don't care because my entire online identity is fake. I do no online banking and not even one email account can be tied to my real name.

  • 8 years ago

    I'd replace my hard drives and get on with my life.

  • Ivy.
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    8 years ago

    I've had that happen to me before. scariest thing ever, not kidding.

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