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My bf and i have been together for a the beginning of our relationship he would mind cuz i would kick it more with my friends and so i seen it bugged him alot so i started hanging out with him and we both got used to always being together and sleeping together but then he changed recently his the one hanging out with his homies but the thing is i have no guy friends at all anymore because he didnt want me to and i hardly have girlfriends aswell because there all have babies now or the onces that dont are mad cause i wouldn't party or hang out with them cause i was always with the so used to him and it upsets me that now he hangs out with his guy friends..i wana start being the old me that i could of gone days without seeing my bf and didnt even care to go to sleep with them buh i miss my bf so much if i dont see him in ah day or sleep with him are some things i can do to not miss him alot or wanting to chill with him..btwn his 23 im 21

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  • 8 years ago
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    Hey girl. This is not right. He gets you to give up all your friends to chill with him and now hes left you all alone to kick it with his homies. Listen the same thing happened to me and then I found out he was sleepin with another chick. So I made up my mind I would never give up my friends for a man again. And I think your man is seeing someone too. Ok you got to sit down and talk with him, show him that he got to do the same for you. Ask him why hes decided to do that when he knows that you gave it all up for him. Girl if hes not willing to do that, then I would get me some and start living my life. Go out with cousins or something for now. I bet you he is doing it with someone...somewhere. Peace.

  • 8 years ago

    WAKE UP girl - you have cut yourself off from everyone and now what have you got? No man should expect "him" as the only friend - a good relationship is a balance (you need to keep in touch with your friends or you become a slave). Lay down down some guidelines and stick to them or grow up enjoy life and find another more suited to your needs.

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