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Hi, if we place a person in a cold area and noticed his body temperature, we would observe the following, his trunk would have the temperature of 38 degrees and his limbs will have 35 degrees. However when place this person in a warm area then we notice his total body having 38 degrees. What is the reason of the change of the temperature of th limbs? Is it vasodilation, vasoconstriction, increase of the pumping of the heart, or decrease of the pumping...

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    Our bodies are pretty amazing. When we're in a cold area, the body wants to maintain its CORE temperature (this is the temperature centrally where all the important organs are) and so the peripheral arteries (arms and legs) get vasoconstriction which means that less blood goes into them and the blood is brought centrally where it can stay nice an warm and you don't lose heat from lots of blood going through the peripheral vessels.

    When we are in a warm area, we don't want our CORE temperature to go too high, so to keep it at the normal level, our peripheral arteries dilate so that more blood goes into our arms and legs and fingers and toes where it is able to 'radiate' off the heat and then when it comes back to the central blood vessels, it's actually cooled back to the normal temperature.

    You can see this if you go out in the snow (or sit in the fridge ;-) ) that your fingers will go paler (vasoconstriction) and if you sit in a room with the heater on high for a while, your hands and sometimes even face go a bit redder and you may even see your veins dilate out (vasodilation of arteries and veins in the periphery). In the same way, if you are exercising so that your body is producing lots of heat from muscles contracting, you go a bit redder (vasodilation peripherally). This also enables radiation of the excess heat into the environment so that you keep your CORE temperature within the normal range.

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    Im sorry the first two people couldent take you seriously.

    But my best bet would be that the cold air cools the limbs because there is less fat and body mass to hold in body heat.

    And in the warm enviroment there is no need for mass to hold heat.

    Hope this helps and i hope those two dumb asses would find something more useful to do with their time. Because there is no point in posting "yes" when it wasnt a yes/no question.

    If you dont uave a reasonable idea the please just dont say anything it only makes you look stupid.

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    I have no idea

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